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Make money with your website even if a visitor uses an Adblocker

We all know more and more people are using an ad blocker. And we also know that your revenue as a webmaster is dropping because of this. What if there was a way to still make money with visitors that use ad blockers?

With Bonop.com you can ask those visitors with an ad blocker installed for a small donation. This can be done in a very non intrusive way.

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Get funding for your website, blog or video channel

Do you have a website, blog or video channel?

Bonop.com has created a completely NEW way to earn a fair income from your online content. Your fans and followers can easily contribute to your efforts. Just like a fan who leaves a big tip at your public appearance, people who like your work can contribute any amount they wish.

Receive a $5.- sign up bonus

If you sign up today, you will automatically receive a $5.- sign up bonus.


How to get more fans for your website

If you sign up with Bonop.com you get your own promo page. And you will get several options to promote this page with eg. banners and links. If you have a video channel on Youtube.com, you can link to your promo page from each video you upload.

Keep in touch with your fans with the Bonop news feed. Every time you post something on Bonop, your sponsors will get an update, and will be reminded to support their favorite channel.